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Theatre in the Central Murray
Village Scene - Opening Scene of Cinderella
60s Disco Scene
Paris sets off from Troy to Greece
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About Us

Golden Rivers Theatre Group is a community theatre group based in Barham NSW, in the heart of the Central Murray region. GRTG performs both musicals and plays and brings together a wide cross section of the rural community.

Our 2012 production was Rodgers & Hammersetin's Cinderella. The show was performed in August to sell out crowds. This was also the first time we had internet booking available and this proved to be a successful way to sell tickets. More information on this production, and others we have done, are on the Productions tab at the top of the page.

In 1990 a group of keen volunteers decided to raise some funds for the local community hospital. The means was a concert hall musical performance. This group grew over several years, becoming incorporated as Golden Rivers Theatre Group in 1995. Musical productions have been the major focus of GRTG, though several plays have been performed in the later years.

In 2007 GRTG acquired the management of the Faulkner Pavilion at the Barham Recreation Reserve. The under-utilised building was gradually transformed into a performing arts facility that is used for music and theatre workshops, school performances and visiting groups as well as being the home of GRTG.

GRTG is a group of dedicated amateur performers who work with great enthusiasm to prepare and perform shows for the local community, with the occasional performance being taken on tour. The group provides the opportunity for local talent, known and new, to find, develop and hone their skills and love of all things theatre. The age range, though depending on the show, can be from 8 to 80, and as everyone comes together regularly to rehearse, sing, practice scenes, dance, dialogue, build, paint, sew, play with light and sound, laugh and grow new friendships, a theatre family is born.

Over the years we have seen more than 250 members, over 100 of them being children and teens. More than 10% of these young people have moved into jobs and study related to the performing arts. How fabulous is that!
The members and friends of GRTG take great pride in the company and the Pavlova, as our facility is affectionately called. Many, many hours of time, work and love have made it what it is today, and we would welcome any new members. Why not join us, even if it’s just for a cuppa on our Member events!

Golden Rivers Theatre Group Committee - and their 2014 roles
President: Tracey Timms, who is still Costume Coordinator
Vice President: Debbie Arthur
Secretary: Courtney Guy, who is also looking after Publicity, Sponsorship
Treasurer: Judy Ficken, with Public Officer & Catering thrown in.
Committee: Michael Douthat-Technical Coordinator, Ann Douthat- Creative Coordinator, Mel Walden Mills- Membership Coordinator,OH&S, Ticketing Web Page & Wardrobe Supervisor, Julie Whalan (currently listed as Archivist), Ruth Arthur & Linda van Rensburg, who will get portfolios some time in the new year.
These people have been elected to guide us through the next 12 months. If you think you'd like to join them, step up at our next AGM.
Non-Committee Members with particular roles
Mr. Fixit: John Ficken, Website Upkeep: Pam Brown.